John, the family man

John prides himself in being a family man. He comes from a large family & is of mixed ethnicity. John's Mum is from Scotland while his Dad is from Trinidad. Growing up with 3 sisters John certainly appreciated the outlet of his football. John's family have supported him from day one, "Without the constant love & support from my family I wouldn't be where I am today. I couldn't count the amount of freezing cold youth games my parents watched me in."


John, the husband.

In January 2011 John married his best friend Anastasia.  John often jokes that Anastasia knew absolutely nothing about football when they first met but she now thinks she could explain the offside rule. She is a massive support to John in his career. Anastasia is a makeup artist, blogger & mentors young women.


John, the man of Faith.

John has been a devoted Christian since the age of 16 and is a member at Christian Life Fellowship in Greenwich.

John has been asked to speak at various events about his Faith and he is always keen to share his personal experience of being a Christian in sport.

John has also been mentoring young men for the past 4 years and is passionate about helping and seeing them reach their potential.