John Bostock has been setting records since his footballing debut

Born and raised in South London, the young John Joseph Bostock could always be found with the ball at his feet. It soon became clear that this kid had something special and the footballing world wouldn't have to wait long to see just what he could do.

From battling it out on the playground pitches to spending hours on the streets practising his skills, he soon fell in love with the beautiful game.

Pelo FC was the first club John played for at the tender age of 5. Within the next 18 months he had trials for Crystal Palace FC, out of 200 players 2 made the cut, John being one of them. He later signed for the team he supported.

John spent the next 9 years developing at the renowned Crystal Palace Academy. He made his U'16 debut at 13,  U'18 debut at 14. Bostock then made history appearing for Crystal Palace first team in 2007 against Watford FC aged 15, becoming the youngest player to play for the club.